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Vent pipe boot flashing on a slate roof

Vent Pipe Boot Repair Slate Roof

From leaking to watertight, in 5 pictures

Before we get to the Vent Pipe story…

Did you know that roofing and plumbing share some common ground in your home? Plumbing fixtures connect by traps to a series of waste lines that drain into a soil vent pipe (sometimes also called a vent stack). The vent pipe connects at the drain system’s lowest point, extends up through the house, and juts out from a hole in the roof. The vent has two very important jobs: it lets air in to help the drain system flow freely, and it also lets sewer gases escape out into the atmosphere.

About that hole in the roof…

To prevent leaking, the area around vent pipes is sealed by vent pipe boots (a type of flashing made specifically for vent pipes) that properly direct rainwater and melting snow away from the opening.

The rest of the story…

Here’s a peek inside a slate roof in Baltimore. Over time, the protective flashing around the cast iron vent pipe deteriorated enough to cause leaks. To solve this roofing problem, TSW Roofing Solutions fabricated and installed a new copper boot.

Iron Vent Pipe







First, we removed slates, flashing, and roof deck from the vent pipe area. Note that the existing pipe extends from the roof only a few inches.

PVC extends vent pipe







For better performance, the pipe should extend at least 6” to 8.” After attaching PVC pipe to add height, we replaced the board decking and applied protective Ice & Water shield to the area.

Copper vent pipe boot







Here’s the copper vent pipe boot we fabricated. The boot has a fixed angle that aligns with the pitch of the slate roof.

Copper Vent Pipe Boot







The new boot fits correctly over the pipe.

Copper VentPpipe Boot on a slate roof







We replaced the slates and rolled the copper over and into the edge of the PVC pipe.

The new copper vent pipe boot is ready to give the homeowner many years of protection against water intrusion.

Just one of the ways TSW Roofing Solutions solves your roofing problems!

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