TSW Roofing Solutions, Inc., Roofing Contractors, Forest Hill, MD

Small business is big news this week!

The TSW Roofing Solutions team is honoring National Small Business Week (May 1-7) with an attitude of gratitude for everyone who helps us continue to offer high quality, reliable, timely services. The list starts with our customers—the property owners who choose us to help them maintain their roofs, gutters, and brick chimneys in good working order. We also appreciate the people who refer us, which includes customers, suppliers, family, friends, realtors, everyone who shares our FaceBook and blog posts, and even other roofing companies (partly because not all roofers are slate roofers). We’re grateful to our suppliers for superior products and on-time delivery. Lastly, we appreciate the many cost-effective, grass roots ways we can spread the word about our services and our customer care.

Why do small businesses get their own national commemorative week? Here’s one reason: entrepreneurial businesses, the ones that start small with a big dream, create two out of three net new jobs in our country. You can read a few more small business facts here.

On the local level, purchasing from a small business like ours offers you, the consumer, several advantages that we believe are really important. From your first call to us, through the life of your project, you receive personal attention to your specific needs, our guarantee of consistent quality, customer care that lasts beyond your project, and fair prices. Simplifying our operations lets us simplify your ability to get your project done without hassles. Well, the ones we can control, at least. Mother Nature has her own unique business model.

Thank you for your part in helping our big dream become a thriving, sustainable small business!