TSW Roofing Solutions, Inc., Roofing Contractors, Forest Hill, MD


[The experience] was great! The only thing that could have been better was to have had the work on our roof done sooner; however, it’s winter and there has been a lot of snow this year, which isn’t TSW’s fault.

Julie Gleason, Baltimore

For slate roofs, or any roofing for that matter, there is no better, more professional outfit than TSW Roofing Solutions.  After having the regular guys who are from the ‘hood come and do my roof and the water kept coming in, I found TSW.  I urge everyone to give these guys a call.  Not all their services are the cheapest, but they are the best.  They also have plenty of reputable references in our neighborhood, so don’t just trust me.  Get their reference list.  https://tswroofingsolutionsinc.com//.

David Brenner, Baltimore

Quick and accommodating services.

Cathy Sbraccia, Forest Hill

I would be happy to be a referral!

Mia Capen, Baltimore