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We Deliver Roofing Solutions and Peace of Mind

I’m Tom Wooden, owner of TSW Roofing Solutions.

I hope the information on our website helps you make informed decisions about your roofing, gutter, skylight, and brick chimney projects.

I began my roofing career in 2004 in Baltimore’s historic neighborhoods, where slate and copper complement the areas’ elegant architecture. In 2009 I incorporated TSW Roofing Solutions to provide residential and small commercial clients with professional roofing services.

Our goal is to deliver competent work, quality materials, and attentive customer care as we help you protect your home and maintain or enhance its beauty. We put our expertise and best effort into every project. 

To schedule a free, no obligation consultation and learn about the ways we can solve your roofing problems, please call us at (410) 979-7876 or use our convenient request form.

We look forward to helping you protect your home!

Tom Wooden, Owner, TSW Roofing Solutions, Inc.

Our Best Advice

The saying Good work isn't cheap, and cheap work isn't good definitely applies to the roofing industry. To get the best value, look beyond the estimated cost. Ask your contractor to list the specific types, brands, and warranties of the materials—not just the shingles, but also the underlayments, venting, flashing, and drip edges, for example. Take time to learn about your contractor's licenses, insurance, credentials, certifications to install certain products, and objective reviews. If you're confident that the workmanship and materials will be good but the cost is beyond your budget, ask for options that will still provide a good value over the long term in the weather conditions for your area.